What is HourDay?


A cloud-based SaaS system with integrated modules, created to manage projects and avoid profit leakages for enterprises of any size.

What can you expect from HourDay

  • Project Management
  • Workforce Requirement
  • Recruitment
  • ATS
  • Visa Processing
  • On-Boarding
  • Time Sheets
  • Expenses
  • Invoicing & Tracking
  • Vendor
  • Commission Management
  • Dashboard driven analytics & reporting

  • Who can Use HourDay?

    ITS/ITES companies and practically any company that needs to track time sheets & expenses. HourDay offers much more through its integrated modules like ATS, vendor management, commission management, project budget management, invoice management and visa Process management.

    How is it different from other similar applications / products in the market?

    Similar applications in the market have complex interfaces, are too expensive, and contain very limited features.

    HourDay, on the other hand, is a comprehensive yet affordable solution that is scalable and robust.

    Does this application support legacy application transformation / migration?

    HourDay provides migration templates which can be used to upload legacy data. It also provides export function for various modules.

    How does this application interface with the IT Service Management applications?

    HourDay offers APIs to integrate with Service Management Applications (Downstream systems for example User Management in Active Directory).

    Implementation Steps?

    1)  Sign Up

    2)  First 1 month free

    3)  Enter the master data, configure timesheet rules, users, access and start using the system

    Can I download HourDay?

    No. HourDay is a fully-managed SaaS service. We do not have plans to make a downloadable version for now. HourDay does provide many standard methods for exporting your data.

    How do I sign up?

    Please contact us at contact@hourday.io if you are interested to sign up.

    How do I cancel service?

    If you want to cancel services or need any sort of help, email us at contact@hourday.io

    Can I switch plans?

    Currently we only provide a single plan for all our retail clients. However, corporate clients may contact us at contact@hourday.io for tailored plans.